Gang saws

To round off our range of products we have added gang-saw blades in well-known “Jansen-Quality” to our featured products. We offer gang-saw blades for soft and hard wood in many different varieties which include:

- choice of material 80CrV2 (hot rolled) or 75Cr1 (cold rolled)
- different tooth geometries (PV, NV and KV) – also double sided teeth and grouped teeth
   for horizontal cutting
- teeth are available in “ready to use” condition “offset and sharpened”, upsettable or with
  stellite teeth / ready to be stellited
- RS2 and RS2+ perforation with offset wipers
- hard chrome plating (15µm und 25µm)
- different guide bars and perforations

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

contact person:
Rick Jansen-Herfeld
+49 (0)2191 95198-51