Special Tools

Since 60 years we are a qualified and reliable partner in many fields of industry. Based on decades of experience in developing and manufacturing special tools for the automotive industry, the production of assembly groups for machines and equipment has gained importance.

Our strength is manufacturing single copies and order based small to medium lots with high vertical integration. We process all metals and plastics including necessary heat and surface treatment.

Our business activities cover the following:

1. special tools
2. complete manufacturing of mechanical assembly groups
    - stop units for machines
    - handling appliances
    - test equipment
    - etc...

3. special tools for cars and machines

    - assembly tools and appliances
    - extractors for bearings, valves, etc.
    - special spanners for grooved and ring nuts
    - blocking and security apparatuses for maintenance and repair
    - etc...

4. manufacturing of ready to use wear parts
5. in-house CAD

Our machining capacities

    - automated turning Ø 42 x 70 mm / 8 tools
    - standard turning Ø 200 x 1.000 mm / 12 tools
    - cycle turning Ø 250 (Ø 120) x 1.500 mm

    - standard milling 500 x 300 x 400 mm with rotary axis
    - machining center 600 x 400 x 500 mm / 32 tools
    - machining center 1.050 x 500 x 500 mm / 22 tools, spindle coolant system
      with digital control for 3D